Fulfill Your Potential in 2023 with Kundalini Awakening Yoga


How to get strong from the inside out December 10th,2019

You’ve heard of exercises for specific muscles and body parts, like squats for your thighs.

But what about exercises for your organs? And how about your emotions?

A “kriya” is a set of specifically created exercises that produce specific results. And Kundalini Yoga has hundreds of kriyas.

In this brief video I share:

• How kriyas impact specific organs, body systems, and emotional states, such as kriyas for your pancreas, glandular system, and to address anger…
• Why you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to follow along in Kundalini Yoga…
• How to magnify your results by combining breathing techniques with exercises…

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

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