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How To Get Guaranteed Results December 20th,2018

In my last post, I told you how you can experience amazing insights or  “AHA” moments during yoga and meditation. It’s interesting that even when you have these insights which can feel like significant revelations you often let yourself forget them. Right?  Has that ever happened to you?  Why do so many of us let important insights slip by?

If you’re like most people months or even years later you might get that exact same insight and ask yourself, “why didn’t I do anything about that?” Let me tell you why you let that information slip… it’s because that insight was pushing you to change and even though you say you want to change you resist it. You may talk about change think about it or even spend a lot of time complaining about your current situation but do you take action?

Watch this short video to find out:

• how a first chakra imbalance keeps you stuck in life

• how to go from feeling burned out to experiencing boundless energy

• what you need to do to finally take action on your personal goals

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