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Heart Centred Goals November 29th,2018

I just got back from teaching in Milan, Athens, and London, and the main focus of my workshops was how to use Kundalini Yoga to find your passion and your purpose. Now this work goes way beyond typical goal-setting exercises and I’ll tell you why…your purpose is already encoded in you, it’s your Kundalini Energy.

So, that means there’s nothing “out there” you need to search for. The real answers you need are “in here.” Your Kundalini Energy is your untapped potential, the greatness you’re capable of and it’s an energy that’s asleep inside you not swirling around you just out of reach.  Your work is to wake it up so you can wake up to who you are and what you’re here to do. So how do you wake up and start living your potential? You’re going to need energy, clarity, commitment and focus for this. Does this sound exhausting? I can see how it would, but it actually isn’t at all. What’s exhausting is living your life doing things that don’t bring you joy and doing things for all the wrong reasons.

Check out this short video to find out how studying Kundalini Yoga not only gives you teaching tools for those on the teaching path but makes it possible for you to live your “real” goals….

You will learn:

• The difference between ego-centred and heart-centred goals

• How to break through barriers to your success

• How to overcome confusion the “overthinking” mind creates

To find out more about Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, and using Kundalini Yoga to access and live into your purpose go here.

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