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Heal Your Heart

Part of the Self Mastery Series with Gloria Latham:

Rapid Personal Transformation & Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher Training
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Learn how to go from closed off and giving up to open and receiving love in just 6 days

…so you can finally release past hurts, self-criticism, and feelings of unworthiness and create the intimacy, trust, and love you long for in all of your relationships.

I'm ready to heal my heart now

does this sound like you?

  • I want the passion and intimacy I see with other couples but with all the pressures of career, finances, and family I’m not even sure that’s possible.

  • I constantly support my partner but when it comes to going after what I want, I don’t get the same support.

  • I know I love my partner but we bring out the worst in each other. Are we really meant to be together?

  • I try to find true love but end up attracting partners that are all wrong for me. It’s hopeless.

  • I can’t risk getting my heart broken again. Maybe I’m better off alone.

  • I’ve done all the mindset work and I still can’t shut down that mean voice in my head that makes me feel unworthy of love. What’s wrong with me?

The truth is…

You want to feel loved, valued, and seen by your partner…but end up feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, and alone instead.

You want to create intimacy and a safe space for your family…instead, you feel guilty because by the time you fulfill all of your other obligations, you have nothing left to give the ones you love most.

You want to be loved and accepted just like everyone else…so you sacrifice your true self by living up to an impossible standard.

You want to appreciate your life, be fully present, and attract your best future…yet, you’re anchored in past hurts and unresolved feelings of unworthiness.

Maybe you’ve even given up on so-called matters of the heart entirely…and your broken heart is now safely locked away.

And this story is unlikely to change because…

Doing what you’ve always done won’t get you the results you want.

You’ve already tried so hard to create change and some part of you doesn’t believe this time will be any different. And you’re so exhausted from trying. You wonder why you keep working so hard and yet nothing really changes.

Maybe you tried to heal your relationships with…

  • Therapy or couples counseling
  • Traditional forms of meditation
  • Asana-focused yoga
  • Mindset or thought work
  • Alternative forms of healing
  • Working with a life coach

…only to end up more confused, more overwhelmed, and more hopeless than you were to begin with.  And the worst part? You feel the heart-sinking weight of LONELINESS.

But here's the secret:

...until you find the root cause, you’ll never heal your heart and fix your love life

What if you could peel away the layers of your story and uncover your strongest, most compassionate self — in a few weeks, instead of continuing to struggle for years?

You’d have the foundation for all satisfying relationships — an unwavering acceptance of yourself.

You’d have the confidence to say

No More...

No more settling for less than what you truly want

No more pretending to be someone you’re not

No more beating yourself up and feeling unworthy

No more guarding your heart and closing yourself off

You’d have the confidence to say

Yes to...

Attracting relationships that honor your need to feel loved, valued and seen

Creating deeper intimacy and connection with all of your loved ones

Accepting yourself and making decisions in alignment with your true desires

Opening your heart to giving and receiving love

Hi, I’m Gloria. And I spent 12 years of my life focused on my career as a pharmacist-chasing dreams that weren’t right for me at the expense of my health and relationships.

It feels strange to share that piece of my story now because in a way that person wasn’t ME. I was by all outward appearances successful, but on the inside…I was hanging by a thread.

That’s when I discovered Kundalini, and a single workout literally changed my life.

Fast forward to taking the leap to start my own business…I thought I’d left behind the burned-out-shell version of me. But it wasn’t long before the same old patterns resurfaced in my new life. 

Turns out, I was still overworking, anxious, and exhausted. I was still blaming others for my inner experience. And I was still neglecting my relationships — especially the one with myself. 

The problem was:

I was trying to use my intellectual brain to solve my problems and fix my relationships.

But it wasn’t working…

But isn’t your mind your greatest tool? Yes and no…

No doubt — the human brain is incredible. But your mind alone can only get you so far. 

Your mind is very outward-focused. It searches for evidence to support what you’re already thinking and feeling — it doesn’t care if this proof is productive and energizing…or if it’s destructive, keeping you stuck in negative patterns and endless frustration that you can’t seem to change no matter what you do.

Once I discovered how to move my body and access my energy, my mind began to work for me, rather than against me — and as I created new habits and patterns, my life and my relationships changed.

I went from blaming my partner for what was wrong and feeling constantly on-edge, to feeling open, connected, and empowered in my life and relationships.

This healing wasn’t because of therapy, traditional meditation, or perfecting a yoga pose. It wasn’t even through the exact style of Kundalini Yoga I studied — this is unlike the Kundalini you may have tried, or found through an online search.

I developed my own style of Kundalini Yoga, and it has transformed not only my life, but the lives of thousands of my students over the last 25 years.

I want to show you how you too can heal your heart, body, and mind…but to get to where you want to be, you have to give up what you’ve been doing…


Heal Your Heart

A 6-Day Yoga Immersion + 40-Day Integration
to Mend Your Relationship with Yourself, Release Past Hurts, and Open Your Heart to Giving Love, and Receiving the Love You Deserve…

Heal Your Heart consists of a 6­-Day Immersion with daily Kundalini Yoga practices, followed by a 40­-Day Meditation Integration.

The Immersion is specifically designed to create rapid personal growth in the shortest possible time. And the Integration helps you solidify and maintain your breakthroughs with a consistent daily practice.

The 3 Keys

To create change, you need to take action. To take action, you have to change how you FEEL...

Heal Your Heart by using the 3 keys to personal transformation from the Self Mastery Series proprietary system of personal transformation:

1. Change How You Feel Instantly

changes your state of mind immediately each and every time you get on your mat. This immersive style-creates powerful shifts in the shortest possible time to transcend your limits

2. Face Yourself

This inside-out model of transformation is rooted in a 40-Day method to break self sabotaging habits. You will see truths you've kept hidden even from yourself and end unnecessary suffering through developing a consistent daily practice.

3. Ask Better Questions

This system allows you to bypass your intellect and activate your intuition-the voice of your soul through guided self-inquiry. You’ll overcome self-doubt and learn to trust your intuition.

6-Day Immersion

Shift your energy to create rapid personal transformation in six days…

The intensity of your first six days is purposeful. You’ll be taken to your limits, so you can transcend those limits.

The targeted work of these proprietary Kundalini practices on your nervous system and glandular system changes you on a cellular level. You’ll feel different after each and every practice, and you’ll feel profoundly changed after six consecutive days of practice.

Each morning for six days, a new 90­-minute practice video is released in the private course platform. Each day includes a physical practice, an active meditation, and self­-exploratory written exercises to go deeper with your awareness.

The Curriculum

Heal Your Heart Immersion


day 1: Self-Acceptance

When you experience yourself as separate from others, this gives rise to the fear “I’m not loveable,” or “I’m not good enough.” This causes feelings of unworthiness, alienation, and competition. 

Your desire to belong can feel so strong that you’ll sacrifice your true self for the sake of acceptance. But it’s impossible to even like yourself when you’re living unauthentically. Your judgment and fears are standing in the way of self-acceptance and ultimately true love.

In Day 1, you will release your fears to overcome your judgments and begin your journey from self-acceptance to self-love. 


day 2: Express Yourself

Until you speak your truth, the truth of who you are remains hidden. Each time you say things solely to be liked or accepted, or to hide your true feelings, you compromise who you are. You waste time trying to be what others want you to be.

Wanting to be liked is normal, but when you’re so afraid of not being liked that you compromise your authenticity to be accepted, that’s a problem. The more you compromise yourself, the less connected you feel to others, and the less you feel you truly belong.

On Day 2, you will gather your courage to speak your truth from your heart, which will ultimately allow you to live your truth.


day 3: Forgiveness

You can only begin to heal your heart through forgiveness, and a key component to forgiveness is moving away from victimhood.  It’s time to stop blaming your unhappiness or your sense of lack on others.

To not forgive leads to bitterness and hatred. Like self-hatred and self-contempt, hatred of others gnaws away at you. Whether your hatred is projected out or stuffed inward, it will always be destructive to your spirit.

On Day 3, you will balance your third chakra to forgive yourself and others, to stop repeating patterns and free each other to create the future your heart desires.


day 4: No more looking for love

You’ve been trained to look for one special person, AKA your soulmate, to fulfill all your needs and give you what you believe you desire in a relationship. But no human being can fill that void in you. The love you’re seeking has to come from within by connecting with your higher conscious, your infinite source of love.

Your work is to simply remove your internal blocks to love and realize that nothing is lacking. You’re already so full of love that all you have to do is start giving it away.

On Day 4, you will break through the lower chakra blocks that have kept you from experiencing the love that has been available to you all along.


day 5: balance

They say that a balanced heart chakra allows you to experience heaven, right here on earth. It’s a state of being achieved by finding balance between your material and your spiritual needs.

If you don’t feel that you’re living in a “heavenly world” it’s a sure sign that you’re out of balance. When you focus solely on your material desires, your energy is tied up in a constant state of worry about getting more stuff, keeping up appearances, and getting ahead in life. You can’t experience peace in this constant state of dissatisfaction.

On Day 5, you will work with your heart chakra to find balance between your material and spiritual needs, and stop sacrificing one area of your life for another.


day 6: doubting vs. knowing

There is a trusting, all-knowing part of you, and then there is the part of you that is full of doubt. Your doubt is one of the greatest obstacles to having the loving relationships you desire.

Knowing is a positive, attracting force. It comes from a strong connection to your higher consciousness, allowing you to trust life. Doubt is a negative force that repels your desires. It comes from your lower-chakra fears. In order to move into a place of self-trust, you must clear out your doubting beliefs that don’t support loving relationships.

On Day 6, you will disempower your self-doubt and learn how to access the wisest part of you that knows that what your heart desires is possible.

40-Day Integration

Solidify and integrate your heart healing with a consistent daily meditation practice…

A powerful 11-minute Kundalini meditation is assigned to you after your immersion to fully integrate and solidify the changes experienced in your first six days of practice.

You complete this short meditation every day for 40 consecutive days. This meditation is unique to the Kundalini tradition and incorporates elements of mantra and mudra. You may be tempted to skip this part — don’t do it. This is where the biggest changes happen.

As a bonus, a new 30­-minute yoga practice video will be released weekly during your 40 days. (It’s completely optional – though recommended – that you continue to practice daily. And most students don’t want to stop, once they start.)

Global Community

Lifetime access to the course platform and private Facebook group for sharing, support, discussion and getting answers.

In addition to your lessons and worksheets, you’ll find a discussion area on the easy-to-use course platform. This is a safe and sacred space to share your experiences with other students, get support and encouragement, and get your questions answered.

You may also use our private Facebook group to connect with our soulful community that will uplift, motivate, and support you during your course and beyond.

You get full access to Gloria Latham – via LIVE Q&A sessions, the course platform, private Facebook group, or direct email – to ask questions, and receive her personal insights not offered anywhere else.

Let’s recap

Here’s a Quick Overview of What You Get...


Including a physical practice, dynamic meditation + guided self-inquiry exercises + access to 12 LIVE Q&A sessions


Including a powerful 11-minute Kundalini Awakening Meditation to open the heart centre.


You will receive six weekly classes solidifying the core benefits experienced during your first six days of your course.

global community:

Join Gloria LIVE for 12 LIVE Q&A sessions and get support anytime you need it in the discussion area of the course platform. You will connect with like-minded people and this will quickly become one of your favorite places to hang out.


This year only you can receive your complete 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification online or add training credits to your 500-hour Certification. Heal Your Heart earns you training and continuing education credits.


You’ll be invited to join all future sessions, as well as be able to pop back into the course platform for a refresher anytime you like. The full Self-Mastery Series, includes a total of 50 completely unique Kundalini Awakening Yoga Kriyas, with BONUS fresh live classes available to you each time the program runs.


preferred customer status

Exclusive bonuses, special pricing, and early bird access to future online and destination trainings

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Yes, I’m Ready to Heal My Heart!

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Here’s what my students say…

Here’s what my students say…

Here’s what my students say…

How Heal Your Heart Is Different From Anything You’ve Ever Tried...

Kundalini Awakening Yoga is a powerful practice that delivers immediate, life-changing results

immediate benefits

You’ll experience a shift in energy from the very first practice – and the benefits compound and deepen with each daily practice. Although the practices are challenging, you’ll never feel depleted. Instead, you’ll feel clearer, lighter, stronger, more vibrant and free, and more like yourself than you have in years.

Guaranteed Success

Kundalini Awakening Yoga releases your Kundalini Energy, your untapped potential, which is already encoded in you. With this immersion, you’ll have all the tools and techniques to unlock it quickly.


Gloria's proven, proprietary system is your action plan to release toxic, self-abusive habits, patterns, and behaviors and break through the self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck for years.


The Self Mastery practices are built on simple, repetitive movements, which are easy enough for anyone to do, or to modify, regardless of age, fitness level, or yoga experience.


Each immersion taps into a well of inner strength, that you’re not even aware of, and teaches you how to summon that strength to excel in every area of your life – from your relationship to your career goals.

Mind-Body Health

The practices are designed to detox your body and your mind, and tune-up your nervous system and glandular system, the guardians of your health – all while creating a body that is healthier, lighter, and stronger.

proven path

The Self Mastery Series was created for busy people who want a proven path to a better life and don’t have time to spend waiting for other methods to work.


Gloria’s system was designed to give you exactly what you need and only what you need, without aspects that might alienate the average student.


Gloria has been a leader in Yoga Teacher Training Certification globally for over 25 years and has been setting the standard for a professional, inspiring and high touch online training experience since 2014.

Heal Your Heart

Enrollment Now Open

Are you so afraid of rejection that you’ve closed yourself off? Are you constantly sinking into feelings of unworthiness? Fourth chakra work allows you to find validation within yourself, so you can finally create authentic relationships and design a life based on the truth of who you are.

Crystallize Your Vision

Are you afraid to ask for what you want? Do you even know what you want? This course uses all the chakras, particularly the fifth, to powerfully manifest your dream, so you can gain the courage and clarity to ask for what you want — and go after it.

Master Your Mind

Is your life being dictated by outdated beliefs and patterns? Do you feel like you have no control over your thoughts and feelings? Sixth and seventh chakra work allows you to master your mind, so you can access and trust your intuition as a guiding force in your life.

Heal Your Heart

Are you so afraid of rejection that you’ve closed yourself off? Are you constantly sinking into feelings of unworthiness? Fourth chakra work allows you to find validation within yourself, so you can finally create authentic relationships and design a life based on the truth of who you are.

You don’t have to wait any longer

to get started on the Self Mastery Series. You can start your heart-healing journey right now.

The Heal Your Heart course can be taken independently, or as part of the full Self Mastery Series for rapid and lasting personal transformation.

My personal guarantee

I get it…you have a million options for yoga, meditation, and personal development courses. And a lot of those options sound really good.

The Self Mastery Series is different. If you’ve never done Kundalini before — you’re missing out on the chance to FEEL the results immediately. If you tried Kundalini and didn’t like it, know that my style of practice is unique. I don’t follow the exact traditions and rules of Kundalini.

My intention is always to make my programs widely accessible and to deliver exactly what gives you results and ONLY that.

That’s why I offer a different kind of guarantee…

If you show up on your mat, do the work, and stay with me for the full 46 days, you will change your life. That’s my guarantee.

On the flip side, if you don’t show up, don’t do the work, and quit, you won’t get results — other than going back to the same old rut. Besides, looking for an “out” signals to your brain (and your heart) that you’re not all-in and committed to the process.

The self mastery process works.

100% of students surveyed reported that their lives changed for the better as a result of these immersions

Ready to experience your own results?

Yes, I’m Ready to Heal My Heart!

Most Popular

Payment Plan

from $144 USD

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Best Value

Single Payment of

$997 USD

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Enrollment closes September 29th

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Students Wanted to Know Before Joining…

How can I get certified as a Yoga Alliance registered Kundalini Teacher online?

You can earn your 200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate 100% online or add credits towards your 300-hour certification. Heal Your Heart is part of the Self Mastery Series which can be combined with The Fundamentals of Teaching Kundalini Awakening Yoga to complete your certification.

Why Kundalini Awakening Yoga?

I am passionate about Kundalini Awakening Yoga because the benefits of this practice are immediate. And by the time you’ve landed here, that’s exactly what you’re looking for…immediate results.

Is the course self-paced or scheduled?

All your course curriculum is pre-recorded. LIVE calls are for added support and to get your questions answered. LIVE calls are optional, and replays will be made available.

Heal Your Heart officially begins with a LIVE call on September 30th, 2021, and we’ll meet as a group 12 times during the course.

The program is highly interactive, and you will feel like part of our community.

You can stay on schedule, or take as long as you need to work through the curriculum.

What results can I expect from this immersion?

In the Heal Your Heart Immersion you will remove the internal barriers keeping you from experiencing the soul satisfying love you deserve. You will build deeper, more loving connections in all your relationships, including the most important one — the relationship with yourself. You’ll let go of the hurt of past relationships, regain control of your happiness, explore your true desires, and gain the confidence to be “seen” for who you really are. This heart-healing work helps you overcome the deep-rooted insecurities keeping you stuck in people-pleasing behaviors, like adapting who you are to be accepted and validated by others.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

The time commitment to complete this immersion is minimal, but the results are immediate, profound, and lasting. This immersion teaches you to stop putting your happiness and well-being last. The benefits of a daily spiritual practice will positively impact everyone in your life. 

So push your guilt aside, pull out your calendar, and block off 90 minutes for 6 consecutive days, beginning September 30th. Then, starting October 6th, block off 11 minutes per day for 40 days. That’s it!

How tech-savvy do I have to be to take this course?

All you need is an internet connection. You can stream the videos directly from the membership portal, or download them to your desktop computer. You can also download to any device by using an app.

Can I spread this program out over a longer period of time?

While it’s not recommended you still can receive a ton of benefit regardless of how long it takes you to complete the course. But spreading the program out unnecessarily delays your results. No one has ever had more than 24 hours in a day. Some people are able to use these 24 hours to achieve great things, honor their relationships, and fulfill their soul purpose – while others remain stuck and unfulfilled. Doing this program may require early mornings or late nights, but I promise you it’s worth it. Allow yourself to experience the success that comes with a deep immersion into Kundalini Awakening Yoga.

I’m traveling/busy the week the course starts. Can I complete the program on my own time?

You will receive all of your materials and reminder emails as though you started on September 30th, but you are welcome to complete the program on your own time. Ideally, you want to start with the group for accountability and support. However, you’ll have lifetime access to your course materials and the private Facebook group, which means you have complete flexibility as to when you complete the program – and may even choose to participate again with future groups.

What if I don’t register now, can I do this course later in the year?

This course is only offered ONCE A YEAR to create the most supported and impactful experience. It will not be offered again for one full year.

I’ve never done yoga. Can I still participate in an Immersion?

Absolutely! Just like you, I was once intimidated to try yoga, and I didn’t really understand what it could do for me. That’s why, when I started to teach, it was extremely important to me to deliver classes and courses that were accessible, inclusive, and effective. In addition – this adapted style of Kundalini Awakening Yoga looks quite different from what you might think of as yoga. It doesn’t have all the familiar poses like triangle or Warrior I. But this is one of the most powerful aspects of the practice. The simplicity of the movements, and the fact that there are no postures to perfect or levels to achieve, make it possible to take your focus off your physical body so you can do the deep “inner work” of unlocking your potential. Despite the simplicity, this practice will challenge you, and you’ll not only develop a strong body, but a strong mind.

I’m worried the practice may be too physically challenging for me.

Anyone can do this practice. Unlike other forms of yoga, there isn’t a sequence or a flow that you have to keep up with. You can make it as intense or as easy as you need it to be by making minor modifications and doing what feels right for your body.

I’m pregnant. Can I take this course?

Although this adapted style of Kundalini Awakening Yoga is suitable in pregnancy with modifications, I do not recommend these immersions for pregnant women – because I’m not there in person to suggest proper modifications.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, an 8-month payment plan option is available.

I've never done an online program. How does it work?

You’ll receive private access to an easy-to-use online course platform. Your video lessons and worksheets are organized by day, and there’s a special discussion area, where you can ask questions and support and inspire your fellow students. Regular email reminders help you stay on track throughout the program, and additional discussion and support takes place in our private Facebook group.

What happens when I register?

After you purchase the program, please stay on the purchase page and you will be redirected immediately to my learning portal, where you’ll be asked to create a username and password for the program (if you’re new to my courses). If for some reason you exit the page before you’re redirected, don’t worry – an email will be sent to you with your tax receipt and a link. Once you click this link, you’ll be redirected to the learning portal and asked to create your username and password for the program. If you don’t receive the email, message hello@glorialatham.com and we’ll get this right over to you.

Will I have access to Gloria for questions?

I personally respond to all your online questions both on the course platform and in the private Facebook group. You can join our NEW live Q&A and also email me privately at hello@glorialatham.com. Similar questions come up for everyone, so I encourage you to use the public forums to create a strong community of support that encourages others to find their voice.

“I had reached a place in my life where I knew it wasn’t working for me, and something had to change, I was so exhausted and burnt out and knew I couldn’t continue down that path.”

 Everyday I came back to your videos and they were/are just life changing. The practice and your words combined helped me to realize so many things about myself, they gave me clarity, and I got my intuition back. I had lost it somewhere along the way, and had lost myself from too many sacrifices for my husband and our military lifestyle. I started doing your online classes. My life is forever changed now, I have found myself again. I am listening to my intuition and following my heart and am a better mom because of it.


“I have joined Gloria on her Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training in Greece three times and I am hoping to join her again in 2021.”

The impacts on my life of every single immersion with Gloria have always been tremendous – no matter whether it was online or in person. I am very much looking forward to going on the Heal Your Heart journey again with you all this fall.


It has been quite the year! I left my unfulfilling job, I have added Kundalini Yoga classes to my current teachings in my local town and I’m rediscovering who I am creatively.”

I have seen vast improvements in my chronic health conditions too. I enrolled in the Heal Your Heart Course so I could release repeating patterns I struggle with and to allow self care into my life. My relationship with myself hasn’t always been the kindest and the changes I have made so far this year are all in an act of kindness and compassion to who I really am. It has been so lovely to have the support of this community along the way!


“Gloria has studied with me for many years and is truly dedicated to the spiritual growth of others. She has a heart of gold.”

Gurmukh Kau Khalsa

“Not loving myself led to depression and illness because of decisions I made that did not honor my truth. Studying and practicing Kundalini yoga has not only been instrumental in helping me crawl out of these low points in my life, but it has also made my life better than it has ever been before. It’s taught me to love and accept myself. It’s taught me that I Am Enough.”

Bev Davidson

Ready to Heal Your Heart?

Here’s What You Get:


Six completely unique 90-minute Kundalini Awakening yoga practice videos

including a physical practice, dynamic meditation + guided self-inquiry exercises.


Powerful Kundalini meditations

incorporating elements of mantra and mudra specifically selected to clear subconscious blocks – as part of your 40 Day Integration period.


Six 30-minute Kundalini Awakening yoga practice videos

solidifying the core heart healing breakthroughs experiences during your first six days – you’ll receive six fresh thirty-minute classes (one per week) for a full six weeks.


Emails from Gloria

offering practical guidance and support to help you stay on track and inspired throughout the program.


Password-protected members portal

where you can conveniently access all of your materials in one place – from anywhere in the world. The course platform is easy to use, and is a safe and sacred space to get your personal questions answered.


Private Facebook group

to connect with our deep, soulful community that will uplift, motivate, and support you during your immersion and beyond.


Full access to Gloria Latham

via the professional course platform, private Facebook group and direct email and LIVE Q&A– to ask questions, and receive additional support and personal insights not offered anywhere else.


Credit toward teacher training

Credit toward your 200-hour or 500-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. (Please contact us at hello@glorialatham.com to confirm eligibility or to find out more about becoming certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.)


Lifetime access to your program materials and Facebook group

You’ll be invited to join all future sessions, as well as be able to pop back into the course platform for a refresher anytime you like. The full Self-Mastery Series, includes a total of 50 completely unique Kundalini Awakening Yoga Kriyas, with BONUS fresh live classes available to you each time the program runs.


Rapid personal growth

as you clear your blocks and awaken your untapped potential (Kundalini Energy) to create the love and intimacy you desire and deserve.


Exclusive bonus classes, and early bird access

to future online and destination trainings.

Brand new bonus!

NEW Live Sessions with Gloria

Join Gloria LIVE every day during the 6-Day Immersion so that you can get your questions answered personally and receive insights not offered anywhere else. It’s also where you can connect with like-minded people and it will quickly become one of your favorite places to hang out.

A Proven, Trusted System

A Personal Message from Gloria

By now, you probably get my point: You can’t use your mind to create permanent change. You can’t out-think your relationship issues, and you can’t run from them. (They always catch up.)

 When you think your way out of a problem, you’re limited to accessing your conscious brain. But your real barriers to love are hidden in your subconscious brain.

That’s why you find yourself defaulting to the same negative self-talk, falling in love with the same type of “wrong for you” partner, and repeating the same arguments even if you’ve made a sustained, thought-led effort to change.  

Heal Your Heart works by using the 3 keys to personal transformation from the Self Mastery Series proprietary system of personal transformation…

  • ONE: Change How You Feel…through this adapted style of Kundalini Yoga
  • TWO: Face Yourself and Commit…to change through specifically selected active meditations
  • THREE: Self Inquiry…bypass your intellect to access true wisdom through activating your intuition

You can choose to keep relying on your mind and experiencing bits and pieces of success, here and there (some call that total frustration). 

Or you can take a single action today to start creating real, lasting change… 

I’d love it if you’d join me inside. 

Sat Nam,


Ready to experience your own results?

Yes, I’m Ready to Heal My Heart!

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Once you join Heal Your Heart, you can repeat each new session for FREE, as many times as you want. You have lifetime access to all course materials and updates.