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Get Calm & Centered In 3 Minutes July 24th,2018

Do you ever find yourself feeling stressed out or wound up – and you can’t seem to relax, no matter what you do?  In yoga, we say that your rate of breathing and your state of mind are inseparable.

So, if you calm your breath, you calm your mind… But that can be easier said than done!

In today’s video, I want to share a specific technique that can really help with this. It creates predictable effects on your brain and your glandular system (which vary depending on the number of “segments” in each breath).

Click here to watch my short video on Segmented Breathing.

I actually share 3 different techniques in this video that will calm & center you, help you heal & feel energized & improve your clarity & sense of alertness

Even 3 minutes per day can have huge effects on your health and well-being!

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