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From the Inside Out May 03rd,2019

If you’ve taken most any yoga class, you’ve heard a lot of cues about your external alignment… Line the toes of your back foot up with the arch of your front foot. Imagine pulling a cord from the base of your spine through the crown of your head.

This external alignment is part of most yoga styles and can help prevent injury. The problem is — many think this is all there is to yoga — a series of poses you master.

The part of Kundalini Yoga that changed my life, and the lives of so many of my students, isn’t anchored in perfectly holding a pose. It’s the intersection between the physical practice, and the internal practice, the focus on the movement of your energy inside your body.

That’s why Kundalini Yoga is different. It doesn’t include many of the traditional poses because the alignment we focus on is internal…not external.

In this short video, I share how internal alignment creates harmony between who you really are and how you’re showing up in your life:

watch now

In the video I share:

● The differences between internal and external alignment — and why you can’t focus on one alone
● Why being the physical embodiment of yoga isn’t the ultimate goal — and what happens when your inner alignment is off-kilter
● What I mean when I say, “Raise your Kundalini Energy”

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