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Freedom From Fear:
How to Embrace Life Again

A 4-week Kundalini Awakening Yoga Experience

Go from Survival Mode to Living a No-Regrets Life in Just 4 Weeks

Yes, I want Freedom from Fear!

Prior to 2020, your plans, goals, and dreams felt aligned, expansive, and possible—even inevitable.

Now, you feel more uncertain and afraid than ever. This isn’t the kind of growth you imagined… You keep returning to your practices, hoping something, anything, will WORK.

But the fact is…

When You’re Living in Fear…Goal Setting, Vision Boards, and Manifesting Simply Don’t Work

To understand why, we have to talk about the F-word:


You try to avoid it, but it’s unavoidable because…
Fear is your biggest block.

and when you’re living in fear…

  • You try to relieve stress, in healthy and not-so-healthy ways, but nothing you do even begins to unravel the tangled-up knot that resides in your stomach or chest.

  • You fight against your fear, grit your teeth and hold on for dear life for any control you have left, but you end up creating MORE fear, anxiety, and suffering for yourself.

  • Your go-to productivity methods no longer work, and you end up frustrated and wondering why you just can’t focus.

  • You shrink under the pressure, taking up less and less space in your own life, and not even allowing yourself to WANT to feel better.

And what’s worse…

You’re so afraid of losing control, losing what you’ve worked so hard for, even of losing your life…

that you have stopped living.

This is how a life of REGRET is lived.
And you don’t want that.

Even If Your World Has Been Upended, You Still Have Inner Work to Do…

Your dreams, plans, and goals are more important than ever before.

But you don’t know HOW to keep going…

No one was “prepared” for 2020 with its global pandemic.

Of course, you feel off-center, off-track, and generally OFF.

I’m right there with you.

But you don’t have to stay there…you can FEEL BETTER.

You don’t have to live in fear,
even in the midst of a chaotic world.
You don’t have to live a life full of regret…

I’m Gloria, a Global Kundalini Awakening Teacher, and I live a no-regrets life.

But it wasn’t always that way…

I spent 12 years of my life focused on my career as a pharmacist—chasing dreams that weren’t even mine. Those years feel almost like an “out of body” experience now because in a way that person wasn’t ME.

I was successful by all outward appearances.

But on the inside, I was hanging on by a thread. And no matter what I did to ease the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, nothing worked.

That’s when I discovered Kundalini Yoga, and a single workout literally changed everything. Once I learned how to move my body and access my energy, my mind began to work for me, rather than against me — and as I created new habits and patterns, and retrained my nervous system, my entire life changed.

I went from feeling on-edge, controlling, and afraid, to feeling connected, open, and FREE.

This healing wasn’t because of therapy, traditional meditation, or perfecting a yoga pose. It wasn’t even through the exact style of Kundalini Yoga I studied.

I developed my own style called Kundalini Awakening Yoga, and it has transformed not only my life, but the lives of thousands of my students over the last 25+ years.

It IS possible to release destructive, toxic emotions, beliefs, and fears.

It IS possible to shift your energy, feel better immediately, and, ultimately, live a regret-free life.

I want to show you how…


Freedom from Fear:
How to Embrace Life Again

A 4-week Kundalini Awakening Yoga experience for people of all fitness levels, who want to release fear, develop resilience, reset the nervous system, and connect to the wisdom of the body, without a huge time commitment, or ever having to leave the house.

Here’s how you’ll go from stuck in survival mode to fully
engaged living in just 4 weeks…

Lesson 1

The Cost of Fear and How to Live a No-Regrets Life

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to examine what fear is really costing you. Yet, when you’re anchored in fear, it’s hard to see beyond it. And the usual goal-setting methods are ineffective. Instead, you’ll use breathwork, movement, and mantras to release fear and pull you toward the life you desire.

In this 90-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practice, you will:

  • Build your foundation of AWARENESS, so you can recognize how fear shows up and leads in your life
  • Energetically RELEASE fear from your body and mind, so you can experience a state of complete relaxation
  • Crack the shell created by fear, so you can begin to see and feel FREEDOM in your body and mind
  • Stop fighting your fear and resisting what feels threatening and start embracing SURRENDER, so you can decrease unnecessary stress and suffering 
  • Learn from your current regrets about your life, so you can FORGIVE yourself and create a plan of action to live without regrets
Lesson 2

The Truth About Fear – a Kundalini Awakening to Reclaim Your Power

The truth about fear, anxiety and worry is that those emotions will always exist, but they don’t have to control your life. There is a part of you that is completely fearless. But you can’t access it with your “logical” mind. Instead, you’ll use breathwork, movement, and mantras to develop a relationship with your highest self.

In this 90-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practice, you will:

  • Understand the true nature of fear, why focusing on your fear makes it more powerful, and how to release it, so you can be ROOTED in the present and consciously create your life 
  • Connect to your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the observer of your thoughts and emotions, so you can understand that you are not your fears
  • Activate your INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM, so you can be protected, yet open and teachable, even in triggering situations
  • Tap into the higher energy of your 6th and 7th chakras, so you can hear the VOICE OF YOUR SOUL loud and clear
  • Stop making decisions based on fear and your reflex to remain comfortable, so you can start making decisions based on a DESIRE TO GROW into the person you’re meant to be
Lesson 3

Resilience in the Face of Fear – a Reset for Your Nervous System

To live, you must face your fears. No one can avoid every stressful, triggering situation. But you can train your nervous system by using breathwork, movement, and mantras to develop the resilience to face your fears.

In this 90-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practice, you will:

  • Train your NERVOUS SYSTEM how to respond effectively to stress and fear, so you can feel supported and grounded, even when you are pushed to the edge
  • Cut energetic ties to past traumas and pain, so you can face new life challenges from a place of power and RESILIENCE
  • Learn how to short-circuit the fear response with SIMPLE PRACTICES you can do anywhere, anytime, so you can immediately shift your energy
  • Push beyond your perceived “breaking point” during practice, and into SURRENDER, so you build the self-trust and confidence to do difficult things
  • Understand that when you stop resisting reality, you will experience your greatest GROWTH
Lesson 4

Taking Action – Committing to a Life Beyond Fear

The key to lasting change isn’t the tool itself but the consistency with which you use it. But often fear blocks action and leaves you feeling completely stuck. Instead of constantly switching to a new tool, you’ll unlock your Kundalini Energy, by using breathwork, movement, and mantras.

In this 90-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practice, meditation, and self-inquiry guide you will:

  • End the battle between your smaller self and your higher self by drawing on your greatest (and most under-utilized) SOURCE OF POTENTIAL, so you can finally take action and make progress, even in the face of fear
  • Learn how to keep your energy in an ELEVATED state of consciousness, so you don’t revert to self-sabotage in times of strife
  • Activate your 3rd chakra, so you can unlock your KUNDALINI ENERGY and build your commitment to a consistent practice 
  • Establish a DAILY stress check-in, so you can get your worries out of your head and create one easy action step to help you work through it
By the end of our 4 weeks together,

You’ll release your fear, awaken your Kundalini Energy, reset your nervous system, and commit to your practice, so you can experience the freedom of living without regret.

Your Bonus Classes

Each week, you unlock an additional 30-minute, quick-hit practice to build on the work you do in the 90-minute practice.

bonus class 1

The Anxiety Cure

  • Reinforce and deepen the cathartic work begun in Lesson One
  • Heal the energy centres/chakras in the body that correspond to fear
  • Learn to step outside your fear and into emotional freedom
bonus class 2

The Burnout Cure

  • Deepen your understanding of how the mind keeps you stuck in fear
  • Overcome the need to control or avoid situations that trigger anxiety
  • Learn how to access higher states of consciousness to see the truth behind your fears.
bonus class 3

The Overwhelm Cure

  • Learn how to face challenges with greater ease through the power of surrender
  • Access a source of unshakeable support beyond what you imagined was possible
bonus class 4

The Indifference Cure

  • Learn to awaken to your Kundalini Energy and your potential
  • Overcome low self-worth and indifference and gain the courage to take charge of your life

You can return to these prescriptive practices again and again
long after our 4 weeks together has ended.   

Here’s What You Get with Freedom from Fear…

✔ 4 weekly 90-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practices, meditations, and self-inquiry guides…

Lifetime access to all of the video and worksheets, including any future updates…

4 weekly 30-minute bonus classes…

Friends & Family Special Pricing
Enrollment closes November 27th

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Why Kundalini Awakening Yoga Is Different from Anything You’ve Tried

You’ve tried everything. Yoga. Meditation. Tapping. Therapy. Crystals. Mindset Work. Affirmations. The list goes on…

Maybe you’ve experienced some positive results.

But you’ve NEVER been able to sustain the changes because you didn’t completely remove the layers of toxic emotions, limiting beliefs, and fears that have held you back for so long.    

The other problem? Most of the tools you’ve tried rely on your rational, thinking mind to do all of the heavy lifting. And your mind is busy throwing up warning flares and obstacles, whether the “danger” you’re facing is real or imagined.

On the other hand, many traditional stress-relief methods expect you to
flip a switch and shut off your thoughts while you meditate, or hold
the perfect yoga pose.   

That simply doesn’t work for most of us.

The 4-Week Freedom from Fear Kundalini Awakening Yoga Experience uses a proven system of breathwork, movement, mantra, and self-inquiry to bypass your chattering, fearful mind.

Through chakra work and unlocking your Kundalini Energy, you can release the build-up of past hurts, traumas, and fear, and develop the resilience and commitment to pursue the life you desire.

Kundalini Awakening Yoga works, even if you’ve tried everything,
and you will feel better immediately, often only a few minutes into a practice.

More Transformations from Gloria’s Students

“Not loving myself led to depression and illness because of decisions I made that did not honor my truth. Studying and practicing Kundalini Yoga has not only been instrumental in helping me crawl out of these low points in my life, but it has also made my life better than it has ever been before.  It’s taught me to love and accept myself. It’s taught me that I Am Enough.”

Bev Davidson

Praise from Gloria’s mentor

“Gloria has studied with me for many years and is truly dedicated to the spiritual growth of others. She has a heart of gold.”

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

More Transformations from Gloria’s Students

“I’ve never done such deep life changing courses in such a short time. Each module was an earthquake – a catalyst of deep changes in my life. I learned to love my body. I learned to hear and trust my intuition.”

Veronika Kurucz

More Transformations from Gloria’s Students

“Move your body to free your mind and heal your heart. Take the road less travelled and find yourself again. You won’t regret it. Your life will change because you have changed. Gloria will guide you every step of the way and has made Kundalini Yoga accessible and relevant for our modern lives.”

Liss Dempsey

More Transformations from Gloria’s Students

“Gloria’s course gave me the practices, space and community I needed to free myself from my negative thoughts. I am lighter and much kinder to myself now. I am less thrown off by things and am quicker to let go of things.”

Urszula Lipsztajn

frequently asked questions

What Other Students Wanted to Know Before Joining…

Why Kundalini Awakening Yoga?

I am passionate about Kundalini Awakening Yoga because it changed my life, and the benefits of this practice are immediate — benefits like feeling clearer, lighter, stronger, more vibrant and free, and more like yourself than you have in years. By the time you’ve landed here, that’s exactly what you’re looking for…immediate results.

By the end of our 4 weeks together, you will release your fear, awaken your Kundalini Energy, reset your nervous system, and commit to your practice, so you can experience the freedom of living without regret.

How much time does this take?

Each week, you’ll complete one 90-minute yoga and meditation practice, along with a self-inquiry worksheet. You’ll also receive a bonus 30-minute yoga practice each week. 

Do I have to be tech-savvy to take this course?

Not at all. All you need is a device with an internet connection. You can stream the videos directly from the membership portal, or download them to your desktop computer. You can also download to any device by using an app.

Can I complete the program on my own time?

You have lifetime access to the course materials and are welcome to complete the program on your own time, and to repeat it as often as you like in the future.

I’ve never done yoga. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Just like you, I was once intimidated to try yoga, and I didn’t really understand what it could do for me. That’s why, when I started to teach, it was extremely important to me to deliver classes and courses that were accessible, inclusive, and effective. In addition – this adapted style of Kundalini yoga looks quite different from what you might think of as yoga. It doesn’t have all the familiar poses like triangle or Warrior I. But this is one of the most powerful aspects of the practice. The simplicity of the movements, and the fact that there are no postures to perfect or levels to achieve, make it possible to take the focus off your physical body so you can do the deep “inner work” of unlocking your potential. Despite the simplicity, this practice will challenge you, and you’ll not only develop a strong body, but a strong mind.

I’m worried the practice may be too physically challenging for me.

Anyone can do this practice. Unlike other forms of yoga, there isn’t a sequence or a flow that you have to keep up with. You can make it as intense or as easy as you need it to be by making minor modifications and doing what feels right for your body.

I’m pregnant. Can I take this course?

Although this adapted style of Kundalini Yoga is suitable in pregnancy with modifications, I do not recommend these immersions for pregnant women – because I’m not there in person to suggest proper modifications.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, here is a link to our payment option.

I've never done an online program. How does it work?

You’ll receive immediate access to an easy-to-use online course platform. Each week for 4 weeks,  you’ll receive a unique 90-minute lesson that includes yoga, meditation and a corresponding worksheet and an additional 30-minute bonus lesson.

What happens when I register?

After you purchase the course, please stay on the purchase page and you will be redirected immediately to my learning portal, where you’ll be asked to create a username and password for the program (if you’re new to my courses). If for some reason you exit the page before you’re redirected, don’t worry – an email will be sent to you with your tax receipt and a link. Once you click this link, you’ll be redirected to the learning portal and asked to create your username and password for the course. If you don’t receive the email, message hello@glorialatham.com and we’ll get this right over to you.

How can I get certified as a Yoga Alliance registered Kundalini teacher?

Freedom from Fear can be combined with the Self Mastery Series & Kundalini Awakening Training to receive your 200-hour certification OR earn course credit toward your 500-hour certification. Email me directly at hello@glorialatham.com to find out more.

What if I’ve already taken one or more of Gloria’s Self Mastery Immersions?

The Freedom from Fear practices are unique and will benefit Self Mastery alumni, as well as new students.

Here’s What You Get with Freedom from Fear…

✔ 4 weekly 90-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practices, meditations, and self-inquiry guides…

Lifetime access to all of the video and worksheets, including any future updates…

4 weekly 30-minute bonus classes…

Friends & Family Special Pricing
Enrollment closes November 27th

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1 payment of

Save $200



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