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Do you trust yourself to make decisions? June 05th,2019

You might have heard not to make decisions based on emotions…
I’m here to tell you — using your “thinking” mind to make decisions is hit or miss — whether you’re being rational, or emotional. Let me explain…

Your intellect tries to justify any decisions you make, based on how you’re feeling.

Here’s how it plays out:

● I wake up feeling great — and everything is possible!
● I wake up feeling tired and cranky — and everything feels like a struggle!

So, how do you get out of this trap? In this short video, I share how to understand the temporary nature of your feelings and rise above them to find truth:

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In the video I share:

● How to access guidance deeper than the intellect — and why you might doubt these messages
● Why you don’t trust yourself to make decisions — even if you think you’re the one calling the shots
● What happens when trust and faith in yourself erodes — and how your body eventually rebels

Sat Nam,


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