Class Waiver – webinar

  • 1. Gloria Latham in conjunction with Semperviva Natural Health & Body Care Products Limited (together, “Gloria”) are thrilled to welcome you to our Kundalini Yoga practice. The purpose of this waiver and liability release is to bring to your attention the risks of practicing yoga, specifically in the context of the practice on this web portal and through the instruction of Gloria’s course (together, the “Course”) Please read this document thoroughly before participating in the Course. Your clicking “I Accept” the box at the bottom of the webpage releases any liability against Gloria for the Course, however caused.

    2. You acknowledge that your medical and fitness levels are sufficiently strong and healthy enough to participate in the Course. Should you have any concerns or doubts about your health or ability to practice and follow along with the Course safely, we insist you act prudently and do not participate. Should you have an eating disorder, diabetes, physical or mental conditions or any doubts whatsoever about participating in the Course due to physical or mental concerns, we urge you to consult a doctor or counsellor for a medical opinion of whether you should be practicing the Course or not.

    3. The practice of yoga generally and the practice of Kundalini yoga specifically have inherent risks, some of which may be more obvious than others. We welcome you to join our practice of the Course at your own risk. Any physical activity, which affects stretching, pounding the ground/mat with your arms and legs or remaining in various postures for extended periods of time may cause damage to your body. Even if these poses are performed properly and in accordance with the Course, every person’s body may respond differently to them and even a perfectly held posture can result in wounds, sprains, muscle strains, bodily injuries and heart attacks. While highly unlikely, it is possible any of these injuries can lead to death during practice.

    4. Gloria in no way represents that she has any knowledge or expertise in evaluating the health of Course participants, especially because the Course takes place online.

    5. Gloria strongly recommends not participating in the Course during pregnancy.

    6. You hereby release Gloria and any of its staff, teachers or employees from any damages arising from personal injuries, no matter however incurred including out of negligence, as a result of your participation of the Course. You assume the risks mentioned above and understand you are doing so at your own risk and forfeit any form of legal recourse, including but not limited to any form of damages. Further, you agree that these provisions apply to you, your family, heirs, executors or anyone else who may be able to bring a legal action on your behalf in the future.