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Recover from Burnout Using Chakra Activation in Just 40 Days… and Get All of the Tools You Need to Guide Your Students Out of Burnout

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Burnout and chronic stress are at an all-time high, And I'M sure you know why.

If You're Stressed Out, Burned Out, or On-Edge You're Not Alone

The past two years have brought an unrelenting level of fear, stress, and uncertainity.

The boundaries between work and life, profession and family, your career and your personal space have all been blurred or erased.

But you knew well before 2020 that something was wrong. It has only been amplified. Now, something has to give before you do.

Because burnout affects more than just your career…

The Burnout Effect

While burnout is not classified as a medical condition, (it’s called “phenomena in the occupational context”), it affects your health and life in many profound ways — beyond the workplace.

If you’re burned out, you may experience:

  • Mental Effects
    • Trouble focusing on the task at hand, feeling "scattered" and easily distracted
    • Changes in your sleeping habits – from insomnia, to sleeping more and still feeling tired
    • Missing important deadlines and procrastinating on even the smallest things
    • Becoming easily overloaded by information and more sensitive to inputs from the world around you
  • Physical Effects
    • Extremely low energy, depletion, and exhaustion – that can become debilitating
    • Changes in your sleeping habits – from insomnia, to sleeping more and still feeling tired
    • Frequent headaches, unexplained muscle pain, or digestive issues
    • Getting sick more often because of lowered immunity - not being able to recover fully when you get sick
  • Emotional Effects
    • Increased anxiety, a sense of everything being out of your control, a feeling that nothing will change
    • Self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and thoughts that you're failing at work
    • Irritation from the slightest of things, increased frustration and impatience at work and at home
    • Apathy, numbness, and feeling "distant" from the work you used to care about - possibly feeling distant from your friends and family too


Left untreated, burnout can lead to even more mental, physical, and emotional issues - including depression or other serious health conditions. Of course, it can lead to trouble at work.

But this is about so much more than your career...

Burnout happens when you have BURNED THROUGH your capacity.

When your capacity is spent, you have nothing left — for yourself, your work, or your loved ones.

You cannot continue to function in a perpetual state of burnout. No matter how driven or Type A you might be — your body, mind, and spirit will eventually shut down.

That’s why I consider recovery from burnout a fight to save yourself.

You are the only one who can choose the path to recovery. No one can do it for you.

But you don’t have to guess what to do next.

There's a step-by-step path to burnout recovery through Chakra Activation, and I want to share it with you.


“Won't it just go away?”

The Truth Is, Burnout Will Never Just Go Away on Its Own It Must Be Healed

... and the root causes must be addressed, so that it doesn't return over and over again.

Even if you’re in full-on burnout, it’s tempting to keep pushing yourself harder and harder because you tell yourself it’s just…

  • ...a season
  • project
  • ...until you get the promotion
  • ...until you hit the goal.

Then you wake up one day and realize this isn’t temporary, it’s your LIFE.

I call this the Push-Succeed-Burnout Cycle, and it’s toxic.


Something has caused stress for example a stressful work day, news or conversation


Your body enters fight or flight mode


Mental, emotional and physical symptoms appear.


Feeling overwhelmed, sad, and exhausted

Something has caused stress for example a stressful work day, news or conversation

Your body enters fight or flight mode

Mental, emotional and physical symptoms appear.

Feeling overwhelmed, sad, and exhausted

Despite burnout being contextualized as an “occupational” issue, the true cause of burnout is not your career.

At its core, burnout is a signal that something has to change.

It could be a small change, like recommitting to what you're doing with a new attitude. Or it could mean an overhaul of your entire life, including your career.

So, why not just change your career? Or become more productive, so you can do more in less time?

Why Other Methods Don't Work

  • Most other burnout recovery methods focus on career satisfaction, time management, productivity hacks, self-care, and mindset.
  • While all of those things are helpful once you're out of burnout... they are not how you recover from burnout and prevent it from returning.
  • Using these common methods can be a long, tedious journey - one that could very well backfire causing more stress.

Those methods don't work because:

  • They fail to address the root causes of burnout:
  • They fail to acknowledge the URGENCY of the situation. Because when it's gotten this far, it's an emergency, and you don't want to wait months or years to feel better.


Fear & Self-Worth Issues

  • They fail because they're demanding more of an already overburdened mind.
  • That's why you cannot use your mind to get yourself out of burnout.
  • You can't self-coach, do mindset work, or think your way out of burnout
  • You can't create a new life from the level of the mind that created the burnout to begin with.
  • Even if you quit your job, or change careers, your burnout WILL return because you never healed the underlying cause of the burnout
  • This isn't about time management or productivity hacks. It's about healing your body and mind.


You have to move your body and activate your chakras to cure burnout.

The Fastest Path to Healing and Preventing Burnout

  • Chakra Activation
  • Nervous System Reset
  • Self-Inquiry


The 40-Day Burnout Cure

50 hours

Eligible for 50 Hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Credits

An online Chakra Healing & Kundalini Awakening Yoga Training
For yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts who want to:
  • Reset their nervous system
  • Recover from burnout
  • + build their resilience

in just 40 days.


Course Modules

Module 1


You’ll Learn:
  • The subconscious root of burnout that drives you to constantly prove your worth, chasing goals — even to the point of self-destruction
  • Why burnout is not just about your job and how to listen to the message it is sending
  • The hardest step for high achievers to take even when they are completely exhausted and why it’s also the first necessary step to healing from burnout
  • 1st Chakra Meditation
  • 1st Chakra Activation Class
  • How to Stop Doing Everything: 7-Day Guide

Module 2


You’ll Learn:
  • Why you can’t recover from burnout with a sympathetic nervous system stuck in overdrive
  • How to use vagus nerve activation to turn on the relaxation response, so you can decrease anxiety, stress, and inflammation
  • The parallels between Kundalini Energy and the vagus nerve, which has pathways to almost every organ in the body and connects the body to the mind
  • Nervous System Healing Meditation
  • Nourish the Nervous System and Build Resilience Class
  • Recognizing Yourself Reflection Journal

Module 3

Find the Root of Burnout 3RD CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • How a 3rd chakra imbalance will continue to sabotage your best efforts at healthy changes — until you get to the root of the problem
  • The real reason your body is breaking down and how to discover the misaligned pieces of your life
  • Why Kundalini Energy is the key to changing everything, including rapidly recovering from burnout
  • 3rd Chakra Meditation
  • 3rd Chakra Activation Class
  • Reclaiming Yourself Worksheet

Module 4

Unlock Your Kundalini Energy FULL CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • How to get your life force energy flowing again — even if you’re more depleted than ever — and why Kundalini energy is the CORE of healing
  • Why working with each of your energy centers is the fastest track to healing from burnout and how this work can help you make a spiritual leap forward
  • The secret to finally claiming what you want and need in life and letting go of the “shoulds” and “ought to’s” that cause you to overextend yourself
  • Feeling the Energy Body Meditation
  • Complete Chakra Activation Class
  • Reclaiming Your Energy Tracker

Module 5

Break Your Patterns of Burnout 3RD CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • The truth about addiction, destructive habits, or compulsive behaviors and why 3rd chakra work is an absolute must for successful, long-term change
  • How deep-rooted self-worth issues can trap you in a cycle of pushing, succeeding, and inevitably burning out
  • A quick and simple mantra to help you break unhealthy patterns that can be incorporated into any physical practice to magnify its benefits
  • Pattern Breaking Yoga Class
  • Pattern Breaking Mantra and Meditation
  • Breaking Your Patterns Reflection Journal

Module 6

Let Go of Your Attachment to Burnout 2ND CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • What your attachments can tell you about your burnout and how a 2nd Chakra imbalance can block your recovery
  • How 2nd chakra activation balances your glandular system and strengthens your nervous system, so you can be in control of yourself, instead of being controlled by your emotions
  • Why you constantly take one step forward and two steps back in burnout recovery and how to cut the cords to the attachments holding you back
  • 2nd Chakra Meditation
  • 2nd Chakra Activation Class
  • Letting Go of Burned Out Beliefs Worksheet

Module 7

Set Boundaries with Heart 4TH CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • Why being overwhelmed is a sign of a heart chakra imbalance and the desire behind your difficulty saying no
  • How to use 4th chakra activation to rebuild communication between the heart and your mind, so that you stop denying your wants and needs in favor of everyone else’s
  • The reason following your heart to a new career isn’t always enough to break the patterns that lead to burnout
  • 4th Chakra Meditation
  • 4th Chakra Activation Class
  • Ending the Battle Between Your Heart and Mind Worksheet

Module 8

Speak the Truth About Your Burnout 5TH CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • How being honest with yourself about your burnout story will help you release it once and for all
  • The consequences of pent-up emotions and unsaid words and why healing your throat chakra is essential for your psychological and emotional well-being
  • How 5th chakra activation helps you start acknowledging and expressing what you want and need
  • 5th Chakra Meditation
  • 5th Chakra Activation Class
  • Rewriting Your Burnout Story Reflection Journal

Module 9

Access Your Higher Self 6TH & 7TH CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • How to overcome fear-based decision making by tapping into the power of the 6th and 7th chakras
  • Why YOU are your own best expert on burnout recovery and how to rebuild your innate self-trust
  • The higher aspect of your mind that is beyond your limiting beliefs and why it’s your superpower for gaining freedom from burnout
  • 6th and 7th Chakra Meditation
  • 6th and 7th Chakra Activation Class
  • Tapping into What You KNOW Reflection Journal

Module 10

Build Self-Trust Through the Aura 8TH CHAKRA ACTIVATION

You’ll Learn:
  • How a weak aura leads to a lack of self-trust and susceptibility to outside pressure, which can put you right back into burnout
  • Why you shouldn’t skip this chakra and what a strong aura does for your well being
  • The keys to building an energetic protection shield around you, so you’re free to focus fully on your recovery
  • 8th Chakra Meditation
  • 8th Chakra Activation Class
  • Healing Your Relationship with Yourself Reflection Journal

Module 11

Create Chakra Activation Classes Teaching Burnout Recovery

You’ll Learn:
  • Why the chakras are like the invisible organs of the energy body — each with a spiritual, healing purpose
  • How various poses you worked with in previous modules affect the chakra system and why even the most subtle variations can change the effects
  • The multiple classes you can build by combining chakras or working with one at a time and how to create in-demand chakra healing classes based on the results your students want
  • Exploring the Poses and Chakras
  • How to Create Chakra Activation Classes
  • Creating Your Own Chakra Classes Worksheet

5 BONUS Burnout Recovery Prep Mini-Classes

Your Bonuses

I’ve created 5 bonus mini-classes to help you prepare for The 40-Day Burnout Cure. These 15- to 20-minute classes will get you moving to start reclaiming your energy and start feeling like yourself again — right away. And they can be used anytime you need a quick energy boost.

($297 Value)

  • Bonus 1
    Let Yourself Receive
    First Bonus Class
  • Bonus 2
    Release The Struggle
    Second Bonus Class
  • Bonus 3
    Heart Chakra Activation
    Third Bonus Class
  • Bonus 4
    Your Power Center
    Fourth Bonus Class
  • Bonus 5
    Recharge Your Energy
    Fifth Bonus Class

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Pursuing your Yoga Teacher Training Certificate?

Eligible for 50 Hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Credits
50 hours

How do you heal from burnout?

Hi, I’m Gloria Latham, and this is my burnout story…

How do you heal from burnout?

Hi, I’m Gloria Latham, and this is my burnout story…

I spent 12 years of my life hyper-focused on my career as a pharmacist — chasing dreams that weren’t right for me.

I was by all outward appearances successful, living the “dream.” But on the inside, I was completely burned out and hanging on by a thread.

That’s when I discovered Kundalini Yoga, and a single workout on a VHS tape literally changed my life.

Fast forward to taking the leap to start my own business...I thought I’d left behind the burned-out version of me. But it wasn’t long before the same symptoms resurfaced.

Turns out, I had reverted to my old burn-out-inducing patterns of overworking and tying my self-worth to my work.

I tried to use my intellectual brain to solve my problems and fix my mind. But it wasn’t working.

Once I discovered how to move my body to activate my chakras and unlock my energy, I began to break through the patterns that led to burnout.

The style of yoga I developed is called Kundalini Awakening Yoga.

And it has transformed not only my life, but the lives of thousands of my students over the last 25 plus years.

The best part? It doesn’t take forever to recover from burnout. You will ...


  • SHED the layers of built-up stress, toxic emotions, and blocked energy that led to your burnout.

  • Have all of the tools and practices you need to prevent burnout from ever taking hold of you again.

  • Have everything you need to rapidly and effectively guide your students out of burnout, if you’re on the teaching path.

Some of the organizations I work with:


What Others Say About Gloria’s Courses

“After the first class with Gloria, I felt instant results. My mood had lifted. Everything had shifted. I felt great. By the end of the immersion, I felt physically, emotionally, and even spiritually stronger — and more confident — like I could handle anything life threw at me.

I realized this is something I want to do long term. I wanted to do the teacher training to deepen my own practice because I could already see the results I’d gotten. And I felt really drawn to this practice, and I wanted to teach it.

I love actually practicing through the eyes of a teacher. Doing this course really empowers you to become your own guide, to become your own teacher. ”

— Jackie Suginaga, Meditation Teacher, Ireland

"The classes with Gloria have changed so much of my perspective and my life. I'm really grateful to her for being able to bridge traditional Kundalini with Kundalini Awakening...

Now, I've met more people in the teacher training through the Zoom sessions than I would have going to an in-person training. In the beginning, I was super intimidated, and it's scary to put yourself out there and turn your camera on. It's even scarier to think, ‘I want to share’ in front of 100 people from all over the world. It was so liberating and empowering to break through that fear.

Just knowing there's a global community out there is pretty amazing. Knowing that when I'm doing my practice, whatever time of the day, there's somebody else out there doing the same class, and struggling, or sweating, or laughing at themselves with me— it was mind blowing.”

— Wendy Ferri, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer, Hawaii

“I loved the course! I am going through a tough situation with my family, and I have been feeling powerless and deflated lately.

This helped me see things from another perspective and gave me a bit of my power back, helping me see light at the other side of the tunnel. Thank you!”

— H.

This process helped me with setting boundaries and putting myself first, which I never would have done in the past.

It feels great, and I want to keep going. It has definitely been challenging and uncomfortable for me.

But now, I understand that ignoring things like that isn’t healthy in the long run.”

— B.

“I wanted to thank you for a great program. I really enjoy it, and I can see changes in my life happening.

Even thinking of a future career connected to Kundalini yoga.I love how peaceful I am feeling now.

— A.

“I have noticed so many changes in the way I handle situations, my self-talk, and my overall outlook on life.

It was a lot of work! But it was so incredibly worth it! Thank you from my entire heart!”

— L.

“I want to say that deciding to do your course is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am a runner, very healthy. That has been my therapy and something that I love. But also, a way of avoiding thinking too much about important issues like my relationships.

I never imagined in my life doing this type of work. But since I began the course I am feeling much stronger mentally, less fear, and anxiety.

For the first time in 15 years, I now have the courage to speak openly about issues in my relationships.

— F

My energy levels are skyrocketing. In just one day, I got so much clarity on my next creative projects that I had been putting off.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to have more energy, clarity, focus, and inner happiness.

— S

“These practices have released the patterns in my body and the emotional blocks in my mind. Every practice I feel lighter, brighter, and stronger mentally and physically.

I was meditating before this, but it wasn’t releasing old patterns that were keeping me stuck.This work releases old patterns and lets me be my best self.

It’s part of my daily life now.”

— K

“It was actually unbelievable timing.I have been feeling so overwhelmed and burned out with life the past couple months.

At the end of the first 2 days of the classes,I felt these emotional releases.

have not felt emotional — ever — after any of the other yoga classes I've done!”

— R

Why Take Yoga Teacher Training With Gloria Latham?

You will have the benefit of learning directly from Gloria Latham, the creator of Kundalini Awakening Yoga, who has 25+ years of experience in:

You will have the benefit of learning directly from Gloria Latham, the creator of Kundalini Awakening Yoga, who has 25+ years of experience in:

  • Developing and delivering Internationally Recognized Yoga Teacher Training Courses in all styles of yoga— in person since 2002, and online since 2014
  • Teaching thousands of students worldwide— both in person and online
  • Running world-renowned yoga studios, leading sold out yoga retreats and launching her successful online course business
  • Hiring and training teachers in her four yoga studios-while managing a staff of 70 employees and up to 90 yoga teachers at one-time
  • Creating successful class schedules for multi-style yoga studios and understanding the needs of today's yoga students
  • Gloria was the first studio owner in Canada, and one of the first worldwide, to develop a yoga studio with a multi-style concept.
  • This approach opened the doors for her to host and study with a diverse group of master teachers from around the world — such as... Rod Stryker, Michael Stone, Max Strom, Gurmukh, Dharma Mittra, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Nicki Doanne, Anodea Judith, Mark Whitwell, Tias Little, Rolf Gates, and Sianna Sherman.

Results You Can Expect

In this 40-day Chakra Healing & Kundalini Awakening Yoga Training, you will learn:

  • Which energy centers in the body are at the root of burnout And why Kundalini Awakening Yoga is the most effective and fastest antidote to burnout
  • How to create your own chakra-based classes for healing burnout in DAYS not years — your students need this now more than ever!
  • Methods to nourish the nervous system and build resilience, so you shift your fight-flight-freeze response OUT of overdrive.
  • A step-by-step system to quickly and completely clear burnout from your mind, body, and spirit using targeted Kundalini Awakening Yoga poses, meditations, and practices

Plus, you will be eligible for 50 hours of Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Credits

The 40-Day Burnout Cure

Save $500

The 40-Day Burnout Cure

Is right for:

  • Yoga teachers dealing with burnout, or who want to learn to create classes to help their students get out of burnout
  • Busy, burned out high achievers who have a tendency to sprint then crash and burn
  • Anyone who used to have seemingly unlimited energy and now feels completely drained — and none of the usual methods are helping
  • Type A professionals and business owners who are driven by a strong work ethic, but find their work has taken over their life
  • Anyone dealing with burnout, or who is close to burnout, and wants the fastest route to recovery

Is NOT not right for you if you:

  • Are not willing to commit 20 minutes a day plus 2 hours a week for the next 40 days to heal from burnout
  • Aren’t open to facing the situation and making the changes that will lead to recovery
  • Are unable to open your mind to your body's own healing capability
  • Don’t believe there’s any other way for you to live in this modern world besides the burned-out way


One of the biggest fears burned-out people have is that if they stop doing what they’re doing, they’ll lose everything.

You don’t have to quit your job. You might want to by the time you're done with this course, or you might not. That’s something you’ll discover along the way.

You’re going to get super clear on what your next step is, and how to take action without upending your life. But you have to get started now, while you still have some energy left to change your life for the better.

I value your privacy and the privacy of all my students. There are testimonials on this page you’re reading, and also here:testimonials

I have worked with thousands of students who have experienced corporate burnout, but also burnout from teaching yoga, and being in challenging relationships, caregiving, and raising children.

My students are high achievers and somewhat more reserved. They often don’t want their peers to know everything about them by reading the internet. Contact me here if you’d like to hop on a call to see if this course is right for you.

The 40-Day Burnout Cure and Chakra Activation Training is an investment of time and commitment to get your energy and income earning potential back — along with your life.

Compared to the high long-term cost of burnout — financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally — it is a small investment to make.

The regular price for the course is $1,497 USD. But if you purchase by November 21, you get it for only $997. A 6-month payment plan is available too. Click here to see options.

To get the most out of this course you will need to set aside 20 minutes each day, and an additional one hour two times a week.

Fresh curriculum will be released twice a week. You can do your on hour sessions any day of the week you choose. We’ve had many participants with hectic, packed schedules make this work. You can and need to do this for yourself.

Once the 10 modules are complete, you may continue on to learn more about the specific Chakra Activation postures and techniques, so that you can create healing classes of your own in future. If you’re on the Yoga Teacher Training path, you will receive course credits for completing Module 11 and submitting sample classes for review (optional).

Not at all. Anyone who is dealing with chronic stress or burnout will benefit from this course. It is the fastest way to get out of burnout and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Yes. By participating in the course, you are eligible to receive 50 hours of training credits.

You get lifetime access to the 11-module online training and worksheets. Each lesson comes with a meditation and a physical practice to help you heal your chakras, reset your nervous system, and recover from burnout.

The 40-Day Burnout Cure classes are accessible to all fitness levels.

Knowing that your energy is low with burnout, I’ve designed these classes to be more “contained” than my other practices. There is no jumping, or running. If you’ve taken a class with me before, you’ll find the energy of these classes is quite different.

You also get access to five bonus mini-classes to help you prepare for the 40-Day Burnout Cure and that you can take anytime your energy levels are too low for a full class.

what’s included

Here’s What You Get With
The 40-Day Burnout Cure

  • Lifetime access to the 11-module online training and worksheets
  • Eligibility for 50 Hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Credits
  • Each lesson comes with a meditation, a physical practice, and a self-inquiry worksheet to help you heal your chakras, reset your nervous system, and recover from burnout
  • Bonuses: 5 Burnout Recovery Classes specifically designed to prepare you for The 4-Day Burnout Cure. You get immediate access to the bonuses when you register, and you can also use them anytime your energy levels are too low for a full class.

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    6 month payment plan


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Pursuing your Yoga Teacher Training Certificate?

Eligible for 50 Hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Credits
50 hours