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Breaking Habits + Building Abs Of Steel August 27th,2018

I talk a lot about habits and addictions because we ALL have bad habits we fall into when we’re not feeling our best…

You may even have a habit you’ve been trying to kick for years, without success.

In today’s short video, I’ll share a powerful technique you can use to strengthen your will, build courage and break bad habits FAST.

This pose is one of my non-negotiables that I do every day.

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At their root, addictions are behaviors we use to try and stuff down uncomfortable feelings. Whether it’s food, alcohol, cigarettes, or even social media – it’s what you turn to when you want to “numb out.”

Kundalini Yoga teaches that your greatest suffering doesn’t come from your problems, it comes from resisting WHAT IS.

So if you’re ready to face what you’ve been resisting – and build abs of steel in the process –today’s video is for you.

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Sat Nam,

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