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Letting the past control you?
This meditation will help

The number one reason people come to yoga is to heal their pain. And you might immediately think of physical pain. But that’s not the kind of pain I’m talking about. The common thread between my yoga students is their emotional pain. At times, I’d even call it mental anguish. And after digging deeper, I often find their present pain is anchored in their past. 

They come to class looking for a release. Looking for relief. But they’ve been stuck for so long in the story of their painful pasts. This past pain is often the one thing that’s truly keeping them from living their dreams.   

Are you allowing your past to dictate your present and your future? In this brief video I share:

• Why you might be clinging to the past, how it affects you now, and why it may be blocking your success…

• A meditation to clear the toxic and painful emotions of the past…

• How you have the opportunity to drop the past and re-create your vision for your life…

Click here to watch the video.

Sat Nam,

But are you actually meditating?

There’s a world of difference between listening to a guided meditation and relaxing, and being in a true, deep meditative state.

The problem with all of those guided meditations?

It’s adding yet another voice in your head. You’re following outside instructions.

Real meditation allows you to go inward, to see the root cause of problems, and to intuitively find your path forward.

In this brief video I share:

• Why guided meditations don’t work and why you might find it so difficult to meditate…
• How Kundalini Yoga sets you up for success with meditation, even if you’ve tried meditation before and it didn’t work for you…
• The results of my 40-day meditation periods, including students who say they now “crave” meditation…

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

P.S. – Tried meditation, but it didn’t work for you? I made a quick video for you. Click here to watch

How to give yourself permission to dream again

My students come to me again and again with the same struggle.

They set a goal. Work hard to reach it. And either end up giving up along the way…

Or they achieve their goal and still aren’t happy.


Because the goal they thought they wanted was not in alignment with what they truly wanted.

In this brief video I share:

• Why relying on your mind alone doesn’t work and why you self-sabotage…
• What happens when you lean into your vision, stop doubting yourself, and start valuing yourself…
• How my Self Mastery Series gives you the exact system for using your body to change your emotional state, break through blocks, and tap into your intuition…

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

P.S. – What’s really stopping you from reaching your dreams? I made a quick video for you. Click here to watch

P.P.S. – Next week, I’ll share why guided meditation isn’t really meditation.

How to get strong from the inside out

You’ve heard of exercises for specific muscles and body parts, like squats for your thighs.

But what about exercises for your organs? And how about your emotions?

A “kriya” is a set of specifically created exercises that produce specific results. And Kundalini Yoga has hundreds of kriyas.

In this brief video I share:

• How kriyas impact specific organs, body systems, and emotional states, such as kriyas for your pancreas, glandular system, and to address anger…
• Why you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to follow along in Kundalini Yoga…
• How to magnify your results by combining breathing techniques with exercises…

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

P.S. – What if your workout session could help your mind, body, and spirit? I made a quick video for you. Click here to watch

P.P.S. – Next week, I’ll share how to lean into your big, bold vision for your life.

If you think breathing isn’t important…

When I ask people what they think of Kundalini Yoga, they often reply:

“Isn’t that just sitting around and breathing loudly?”

No, it’s more than that. But while we’re on the subject of breathing…

Breathing is the foundation of all yoga. (And you have to breathe to live.) So, it matters.


In this brief video I share:

• Why breathing is the foundation of yoga and how your breathing and your mind are connected…
• How a regular yoga practice creates automatic physiological conditioning…
• Breath of Fire…what it is and its significance in Kundalini Yoga


Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

Kundalini Yoga isn’t what you think it is

If you would have asked me what I thought about yoga 20 years ago, I would have said it was a complete waste of time.

Sounds bizarre now, but it was true then.

I thought what a lot of people do—that yoga was just stretching and meditating. Who has time for that?

But I was WRONG.

In this brief video I share:

•What happened when I finally decided to give yoga a try and how it changed my life forever…
•The number one myth about Kundalini Yoga and the truth…
•How my system of Kundalini Yoga works to activate and raise your energy and unlock your potential…

Sat Nam,
Gloria Latham

P.S. – Want to feel better immediately? Kundalini Yoga might be the solution. I made a quick video for you. Click here to watch

Your Roadmap to Success

If you’re in tune with the self-help “gurus”, you’ll have heard the buzz around:

• Morning routines & rituals

• Habits- breaking old ones, creating new ones and habit stacking

• Ice baths and cold-water therapy

• Meditation- your #1 productivity tool

Did you know ALL of these practices already exist in the Kundalini Yoga tradition? All of them!

And that’s why I’ve stuck with this path. But I’ve made some changes…

Kundalini Yoga is your roadmap to success.

I’ve spent over 20 years taking the most potent practices from Kundalini Yoga and developing them into a system that creates dramatic life change, fast! It seems to take a crisis to get serious about radical self-care and when you’re this close to burnout you don’t have time to waste trying different methods to see what might work.

This is a time-tested tradition. And, I’ve made it even easier for you to get results in my Self Mastery Series Online Courses.

Check out this workbook and the meditation for emotional balance I created for you.

Sat Nam,

Gloria Latham

A new kind of meditation

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared my antidote to mind clutter. 

It’s meditation. But not the same kind you’ve probably tried and tried again with no real results. 

My method is based on traditional Kundalini meditation, with my own unique spin on it. 

In case you missed it, here’s what I shared: 

Video 1: The biggest mistake most people make when starting their day… 

Video 2: Why relying on intellect alone can keep you stuck and stressed…

Video 3: How using mantra, breath work, and mudra in meditation helps tame an unfocused mind…

Sat Nam,
Gloria Latham

Think you’re bad at meditation?

You tried to meditate.

You sat, closed your eyes, and focused on your breath.

And then…you remembered the email you forgot to reply to last night…or the kid’s book report due tomorrow…or the meeting you have later today…or 1,001 other random things.

You probably scolded yourself for not clearing your mind of all thoughts. Meditation fail.

But you didn’t fail. You’re not bad at meditation.

Maybe you need a different kind of meditation…one that helps keep your busy mind occupied…one that gives you specific results, like manifesting more prosperity, releasing anger, preventing burnout, or alleviating anxiety and depression…one that helps you dramatically transform your life in just 11 minutes a day.

In this brief video I share:

• Details about the hundreds of different meditations that the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, shared with us…

• How using mantra, breath work, and mudra in meditation helps you tame an unfocused mind…

• What you can realistically expect from just 11 minutes of meditation a day…

Sat Nam,
Gloria Latham

Wondering why you keep doing things that are bad for you?

Ever heard that it’s not wise to make decisions based on your emotions? That it’s better to be rational than it is to be too emotional. I’m willing to bet you’ve heard some form of this “logic” throughout your life. Maybe you’ve even said it to yourself, or to your friends and family. And it seems like good advice…right

Here’s the problem: Relying entirely on your intellect to make decisions is a trap. Why?

Because your rational mind justifies your behavior. It spins a tale about why you don’t have to do that thing you know is best for you, after all, you have a perfectly valid excuse. It rationalizes your every move…even the self-sabotaging ones.  

I’m not saying to completely ignore this part of your mind. But there’s another part that’s often ignored. It’s your “truthful” mind…the part of you that FEELS what’s right and wrong for you. 

In this brief video I share:

• Why relying on your intellect alone can keep you stuck…
• The real reason most people give up on meditation and yoga…
• Why you might be disconnected from your truthful mind…and how to reconnect


Sat Nam,