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Are you going after the right goals? March 18th,2019

Change is hard, right?

Robin Sharma, the author of the Monk Who Sold his Ferrari describes it this way. He says, “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so gorgeous at the end.”

Here’s what I know about change: Your efforts to change will be met with challenges — both internal and external.

I saw this in myself and in my students. We’d get excited, determined, and jump into our goals, only to fall flat a few weeks, or months later. Why?

Because the vision wasn’t compelling enough. When you create a powerful vision for your “gorgeous end,” it acts like a magnetic force, giving you the energy, and pulling you toward it through the inevitable challenges.

That’s exactly why I created my Self-Mastery Series, specifically Crystallize Your Vision, which is designed to help you get crystal clear on your dream and begin a process to manifest it.

In this short video, I share how to create a vision for your future that’s so compelling, it pulls you through the “messy middle” of change:

watch now

In the video I share:

● How to unlock your dream — your life’s purpose — that’s already encoded inside of you
● Why the typical goal-setting exercises fall short — and may even have you chasing someone else’s goals
● How to discover what part of you is dictating your goals — and why it might be based on fear or ego
● And what it means when pursuing your goals leaves you exhausted and burned out

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