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Help for a strained relationship

It’s easy to ignore issues when we’re busy running from one thing to the next. 

But what happens when we’re forced to slow down? 

The issues rush to the surface, and you can no longer ignore what’s not working in your life, and in your relationships.   

As many of us have been isolating at home with our partners, all of those issues we’ve ignored, the tough conversations we’ve refused to have…it all comes bubbling up.  

Although it’s triggering, this surfacing can actually be good and productive. 

Because you can only heal your relationship by facing and moving through what’s not working.     

Click here to watch a brief video where you’ll learn:

  • Why working with the seven key energy centres in your body, the chakras, is so important, and how each one of them relates to a different level of consciousness and a spiritual life lesson…
  • Why the lower chakras take over in times of insecurity and uncertainty and how a first-chakra imbalance presents itself as fear, and its destructive power in your relationships…
  • A meditation to heal your nervous system and release the fear that has built up the last few months, so you can open your heart to love and compassion…

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