• about 10 months ago


    Preventing Burnout

    By Gloria Latham

    Before I tried yoga for the first time, I was super resistant to it…

    I had a mental picture of what people who do yoga were like – calm, serene, flexible – and that was NOT me. I was high-strung, couldn’t sit still, and I definitely wasn’t flexible!

    What I didn’t know then was that there are styles of yoga that suit everypersonality type… and that yoga can take you from feeling maxed out to serene very quickly.

    In today’s short video I share a little of my story – plus one of my favourite meditations to help you de-stress and prevent burnout.

    When I watched my first-ever 15 minute yoga video (and did the practices), it felt like I was finally breathing life back into my body… life that I’d allowed my chronic stress levels to squeeze out of me.

    I want this for YOU too. Watch today’s short video to experience your very own reset.

    Watch today’s video to find out how.

    PS – Questions? Leave a comment below the video. I’d love to hear from you!

    Gloria Latham

    Gloria Latham is one of the most influential forces of Yoga Teacher Training globally. She is a Lululemon Global Ambassador, and founder of Semperviva Yoga Studios. She is best known for her week long transformational programs that help students powerfully break through barriers, and her high vibing Yoga Raves. Gloria worked as a licensed pharmacist for almost ten years before discovering true health through the practice of yoga and meditation.

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