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    What's Your Mission?

    By Gloria

    Your Teachers Are EverywhereI’m a big fan of taxi drivers.They have interesting stories to share about their city and its people, and great political insights into their countries of origin.  Their work also turns them into good judges of character.

    Today’s taxi ride helped my clarify my mission.

    I’ve just left the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. My weekend was full of inspiring workshops and teachers.

    From time to time, I’d ask myself, “As a teacher, what is it I really want to share with people?”

    Thinking is such an enormous waste of time. I know that what is important will always come to me.
    It came to me this morning from Mer, my new taxi driver friend.

    Mer….So,Gloria, do you work?
    Me…Yes Mer, I teach yoga.
    Mer… Oh, you are a teacher. That is good because you smile a lot and have a lot of joy. That way people can learn from you.
    My English teacher scared me. I could not learn from him because he made me scared.

    So, there it is. I always believed  that what I really want to share is JOY. And Mer, my messenger for the day, just gave me the thumbs up.


    Gloria Latham

    Gloria Latham Gloria Latham is one of the most influential forces of Yoga Teacher Training globally. She is a Lululemon Global Ambassador, and founder of Semperviva Yoga Studios. She is best known for her week long transformational programs that help students powerfully break through barriers, and her high vibing Yoga Raves. Gloria worked as a licensed pharmacist for almost ten years before discovering true health through the practice of yoga and meditation.

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