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    Chai with Gloria


    By Gloria


    noun ri-ˈtrēt

    Definition of RETREAT

    1) : an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable

    2): a place of privacy or safety : refuge

    3) : a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director

    I’ve blended the definition above to come up with this definition:

    RETREAT: The act of withdrawing from what is difficult to a place of refuge for self-study.

    Traditionally, we have always had periods of work activity followed by periods of rest for reflection and self-renewal. Today, however, it is rare to spend even one full day a week disconnected from all aspects of our work obligations. Be honest, when was the last time you spent a full day logged off the internet.


    Maybe it’s time to stop being busy just being busy.

    It takes courage to stop everything, step back and choose to examine how you are moving through the world. Are the choices you make day to day, consistent with a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being on all levels, mind, body, and spirit?

    Here is what a yoga retreat can do for you:

    • Give you a full week of a twice daily practice of yoga and meditation.
    • Daily practice will help you cultivate the desire, willpower, and tools to help you maintain a practice when you return home.
    • Nourish your body with healthy meals.
    • Encourage rest and relaxation. In between classes, there is time to just be. Do you even remember what that feels like?
    • Create lasting friendships. Yoga retreats are a great place to meet like-minded individuals.
    • Explore a new culture
    • Reconnect with nature

    When you’re ready to stop all your “busyness,” we’ll guide you through a transformational journey that will connect you to nature, community, and your true self.

    Let the natural detoxification process of yoga practiced in majestic natural settings begin.

    See you at the beach, the jungle, the forest, and on the mat.

    Costa Rica, Galiano Island, Kithira Island Greece,

    Gloria Latham

    Gloria Latham Gloria Latham is one of the most influential forces of Yoga Teacher Training globally. She is a Lululemon Global Ambassador, and founder of Semperviva Yoga Studios. She is best known for her week long transformational programs that help students powerfully break through barriers, and her high vibing Yoga Raves. Gloria worked as a licensed pharmacist for almost ten years before discovering true health through the practice of yoga and meditation.

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