• about 9 years ago

    Chai with Gloria

    You Can Slow Your World Down

    By Gloria

    Yoga Creates Time. Very funny you say. How can taking an hour and a half out of my day, create time? Well, see for yourself. Notice the pace at which you move after yoga, notice your thoughts, notice your speech. Is everything a bit slower? Yes! You did it! The world is not going to slow down for you; you have to slow it down for yourself.You slow your world down by focusing deeply on your breath. Life changes from days racing past, to as series of long, deep breaths. The yogis say that you are born with an allotted number of breaths, slow down your breath and you extend your life. When you’re feeling anxious, notice how quickly you breathe. Your anxiety is shortening your life span. Slow down, breathe deeply, and notice the beauty in every moment. Time is an illusion created by us. Monday night can be as beautiful as a Friday night. Find the beauty in every moment. Don’t let life pass you by.

    Gloria Latham

    Gloria Latham Gloria Latham is one of the most influential forces of Yoga Teacher Training globally. She is a Lululemon Global Ambassador, and founder of Semperviva Yoga Studios. She is best known for her week long transformational programs that help students powerfully break through barriers, and her high vibing Yoga Raves. Gloria worked as a licensed pharmacist for almost ten years before discovering true health through the practice of yoga and meditation.

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